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How to change the strap to your Swatch watch

Learn how to change your watch strap Swatch, with this simple strap change manual

The steps to change the strap of a Swatch are very simple and can go home if you're anything crafty and have some basic tools.

The first thing to know is that we must always be careful with the plastic watches, because if you make too much effort can break the teeth of the clock and remain unused.

Flik Flak watches are much more complicated and you should not try to change the strap at home, it is preferable that you take your watch to a store official Swatch Swatch or dealer closest to your area and that they are people who change the strap to your watch Flik Flak.

If instead of changing the strap you are looking for clearing to shorten links, it is always more complicated and you should take, also, to a qualified professional who have the proper tools to do the job more quickly and safely.

Once you consider this prior knowledge, the steps to change your watch strap Swatch are as follows:

  1. With a skewer or thin enough punch, push pin until a little.

  2. With the pliers, hold the pin and pulled, to completely remove the strap.

  3. Swatch Strap ChangeRepeat the previous two steps to remove the other side of the strap. Now the strap should go smoothly, staying watch case completely loose.

  4. Place the new strap on the watch and insert the pin in place, can help push a little hammer with the same pliers do you use to remove it, make sure the pin this through the correct holes of the strap, ie , do not bend the strap or watch case while you're inserting pin or this will bend and may become unusable.

  5. Perform the previous step to place the other side of the strap.

Now your Swatch watch look like new and will last longer.


Last Update: Monday 23 May, 2022

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