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New Collection Swatch Pastry Chefs


Monday, January 27, 2014 - Read 1145 times

Swatch Pastry Chefs Watches

Aren´t they Sweet?

We are happy to present the new collection of Swatch watches Pastry Chefs, watches design with the sweetest and most fun colors, twelve new watches that are sure to pique the appetite of more than one.

This new Swatch watch collection features models from different families of Swatch Originals (New Gent, Gent, Lady and Square) and all have in common their fun designs, which are based on various ultra - sweet desserts. Pastel shades and economic prices are some of the characteristics of this special collection of Swatch watches.

We present some of these gorgeous watches:

Swatch Peppercane - GW166Swatch PeppercaneGW166The watch that is the image of the campaign, a special Swatch Gent watch yellow, green and white and whose lines resemble a typical candy cane.

Swatch Sweet Me - SUOP101Swatch Sweet MeSUOP101A New Gent watch designed with the sweetest of pink color and the mechanism that is visible. Also available in blue in the model Swatch Cool Me - SUOS100

Swatch Ginevrone - SUBP106ASwatch GinevroneSUBP106AThis square face and strap with semi - transparent mixture of different ingredients for an appetizing finish. Available in two sizes.

Swatch Caramellissima - LP135ASwatch CaramellissimaLP135AA wheel of candies of different colors and flavors... this watch an Original Lady is one of the sweetest of the collection and sure to delight more than one lady. Available in two sizes.

Swatch Sprinkled - SUOW705Swatch SprinkledSUOW705This sprinkle of sugar of this watch makes who ever wears it an even sweeter person than it was in the beginning.

Swatch Dreamcake - SUOZ173Swatch DreamcakeSUOZ173The most special and sweet watch from this collection: a whole strawberry cake adorned with bows and roses wrapped in a double-decker cakes. Ideal for any special event you have planned.

And these are just six of the twelve watches available in the collection Swatch Pastry Chefs, where your Swiss backers knowledge of a lifetime have shaped the tastiest cakes you could imagine...

Choose your favorite sweet before it sales out!
They are as sweet as they are limited editions!

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