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Swatch watches from the Summer Buzz Collection


Friday, April 19, 2013 - Read 1861 times

Swatch Summer Buzz Watches

Swatch Summer Buzz Watches, a mixture of unprecedented colors and designs

In the collection of Swatch Summer Buzz watches you can discover up to 20 new models of different families, linked together by their cheerful and vivid colors and ultra-modern designs. A collection of different watches, of bright and spectacular colors, that joins the existing models from this spring and summer season 2013.

We present some of the most striking models of this incredible collection of watches:

  • Swatch watch Sawadeewatch - SVCZ4002AG
    Swatch watch SawadeewatchSVCZ4002AG
    Besides being ultra-modern, this Swatch watch is lightweight and perfectly combines the colors blue, purple and yellow along with the transparency of its face.

  • Swatch watch Limonata - SUSG400
    Swatch watch LimonataSUSG400
    The watch "lemonade" is from the New Chrono Plastic family and binding the colors of yellow, black and white gives a unique and unprecedented design, that you will love this summer 2013 on the beach.

  • Swatch watch Trouble Effect - SURW104
    Swatch watch Trouble EffectSURW104
    Don´t be fooled by the colorful mosaic of this new digital Swatch Touch watch, it´s not a kaleidoscope, and you´re not looking through one, though its fusion of colors makes it seem like it.

  • Swatch watch Polar Wind - SURW103
    Swatch watch Polar WindSURW103
    Although at first glance its seems to be the coldest watch from this collection as its name indicates, however this digital Swatch Touch watch is rather a pearl that an iceberg.

  • Swatch watch Green Rush - SUSN402
    Swatch watch Green RushSUSN402
    Never before have Swatch mixed the colors green and blue on a watch with such a special design, as in the case of this Swatch New Chrono Plastic.

  • Swatch watch Biko Roose - LP131
    Swatch watch Biko RooseLP131
    For women there are three different models of Swatch Originals Lady, this particular model combines pink and yellow like never before making a unique watch in style and design.

Don´t think about it for a second more and join, this spring-summer, in the most brightest and vivid fashion watches in the market. If you are thinking of buying a watch with the unique style and design of the Swatch Summer Buzz collection, don´t overlook these incredible models that are coming to the beaches around the world this spring-summer 2013.

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