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Denim Swatch watch collection


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - Read 2223 times

Denim Swatch watch collection

We at SwitzerWatch.com are proud to present to you the denim strap watches for men and women from the Swatch Denim Collection.

What better, this spring and summer 2013, to go always well combined with a Swatch Denim watch for men and women. There are twelve new watches from different families: Lady, Big, Diaphane, New Gent and Chrono ... among which you can choose your favorite watch. With denim straps in different colors: black, brown, blue, yellow, green, gray, orange ... and different features: stopwatch, date and day of the week, etc..

We present some of the most sought after Denim Swatch watches:

  • Swatch White Washed Out (SUOK103)Swatch White Washed Out (SUOK103)A watch with a denim blue strap, clear plastic case, for both men and women, and affordable for all budgets. There are no more excuses for not being on time!

  • Swatch Follow The Line (YCN4008)Swatch Follow The Line (YCN4008)A watch with blue denim strap, the face is made from blue aluminum, and because of this it weights very little and is very comfortable to wear on the wrist, its functions include stopwatch, date, tachometer ... For discerning men who do not want to miss a second of your time!

  • Swatch Wild Ride (YCS574)Swatch Wild Ride (YCS574)With a beige and aluminum face, and a denim strap that will give your wrist a touch of class and bit a little wild and yet modern, thanks to its cowboy design. It includes, among other funcions, a stopwatch, date and tachometer.

  • Swatch Coleslaw (SVCK4070)Swatch Coleslaw (SVCK4070)Both for men and women, their green denim strap meets the clear plastic face, where the yellow hands will guide you through time. And its fucntions include date, stopwatch, glow in the dark ... This Diaphane knows it all!

  • Denim Girl Swatch (YSS278)Denim Girl Swatch (YSS278)With an extra long denim blue strap and silver stainless steel face, this woman watch is sure to impress your friends on days with sun and sand typical of this season ... The watch the every Cowgirl needs!

  • Jeans Me Swatch Watch (YGS763)Jeans Me  Swatch Watch (YGS763)This blue denim strap with a touch of orange on the rim and silver stainless steel face with orange highlights, makes this watch from the Big family a real cowboy. It’s functions include glow in the dark and the day of the week and date.

These are the most sought out Denim Swatch watches, you can see six different models in the Denim Swatch watch collection and find your special cowboy watch from those available.

Choose yours today before they sell out and look the part in your jeans this spring-summer 2013, and as never before, your new Swatch watch Denim collection will help you make the most of every second of sun and beach this summer.

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