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Watches for Halloween


Thursday, October 26, 2017 - Read 335 times

Halloween watches

Swatch and Flik Flak more special watches to disguise yourself on Halloween, trick or treat?

The most terrifying and fun night of the year is approaching, Halloween night, a very special night where everything can happen... vampires, mummies and the undead that come out of their graves, houses that come alive and become terrifying places in the ghosts of all kinds lurking in the darkness and waiting in every corner, cobwebs and blood appear in the most unexpected places where they were not before and the most sinister skeletons go dancing until well into the night around ghostly bonfires that make the night shine with a gloomy and sinister tone...

Surely you are already preparing for this terrifyingly fun night, with the typical costumes and adornments that both fear and fun provoke us alike. And is that, deep down we like to get scared and frighten us :)

This year in Swatch we wanted to prepare something very special to help you to enjoy even more this special night that we like and that every year gets more fans around the world, and that is why we have created a special collection of Watches for Halloween where, from now on, you will find the Swatch and Flik Flak watches that will best match your Halloween costume... terrifyingly fun.

Relojes para Halloween
Relojes para Halloween

So if you are going to disguise yourself and visit your neighbors with the famous phrase "trick or treat?" or if you are joining with your friends and family to tell horror stories around a bonfire or you are just going to stay at home watching scary movies, do not forget to pick your favorite watch from the new collection Watches for Halloween, because on Halloween you can also go trendy, do not you think?

Jack LanternHow to make your own Halloween pumpkin?

The jack-o´-lantern, as it is known especially in Ireland, can be easily made, you just have to buy a pumpkin of the cucurbita type and remove the top as if it were a lid, you must extract the pulp from the inside leaving it as clean and empty as possible and finally you must carve, trim with much care and precision (you can help from a sketch in a folio and then translate it into the pumpkin), mouth, nose and eyes so that are as frightening as possible. At night you can place a candle inside to make it even more creepy...
Scary isn´t it!

Discover the new collection of watches for Halloween

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