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New Swatch Africana Watches


Friday, June 17, 2016 - Read 653 times

Swatch Africana Watches

Be enchanted by the designs of the collection Swatch African

And roll of drums in the Great Plains and African plateaus, the kind of place tribes (Xhosa, Zulu ...) welcome us with their dances, masks and shields. In the air, a charming magic, it enchants us at times. Tribal masks and African motifs are responsible for this so intoxicating spell emanating its magic and that we like.

From these ideas the designs of the new collection Swatch Africana, where you can find new eleven different models that combine the designs of the Swatch brand, with incredible charm of Africa, in an unprecedented collection of watches emerge. Are you prepared to let you enchanted?

Introducing some of these magical watches:

Swatch Mask Parade (SUOB127)Swatch Mask Parade SUOB127The advertising could not be other than this Originals New Gent  model in which a magical African mask tribal mingles with different red, black and white. Enchanting!

Swatch Patchwork (SFM133)Swatch Patchwork SFM133A mosaic of different orange and brown tones intertwine in this elegant slimline watch belonging to the family of Swatch Skin. Perfect to wear on any occasion.

Swatch Maskara (SUOW122)Swatch Maskara SUOW122A minimalist mask in front of this  Swatch Original New Gent watch is superimposed on the visible mechanism of Swiss manufacture of this model. That combine semi-transparent colored white with black along its entire design.

Swatch Girotempo (SUSB407)Swatch Girotempo SUSB407This new Swatch Originals New Chrono Plastic model will be, without doubt, a completely success if you prefer to opt for a more sober design model. Do not let it escape!

Swatch Losangelor (SFE103)Swatch Losangelor SFE103The Swatch lovers will appreciate the golden tones aesthetics of this Swatch Skin watch. A semi transparent slimline golden colored and perfect to wear on great occasions.

Swatch Africamino (SUOW120)Swatch Africamino SUOW120Blue, orange, yellow, black and white are equally distributed in a mosaic, messy naked eye, that Keeps the secret of African roads. Moreover has the feature of visible mechanism!

And these are only six of the eleven new models you will find in the collection Swatch Africana watches, African trails where you explore closer masks, totems, mosaics and African shields, also without leaving home.

Ready to leave enchanted by the collection of Swatch watches African?

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