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New Swatch Color Studio watches


Thursday, September 21, 2017 - Read 346 times

Swatch Color Studio watches

The new Swatch Color Studio watches will add more color to your time

Here are the watches from the Swatch fall-winter 2017 season that will bring you a wide range of colors so that you can choose the one that best matches your usual dress to wear daily adding a new touch of color without precedent.

In the new collection of Swatch Color Studio watches you will find twenty-two new models of animated and fun colors, ideal to look every day and at any time of day, between which you will surely find a watch of your favorite color to go to the last in this season of the year.

Here are some of the models that are going to take this season:

Swatch Candinette (SUOW148)Swatch Candinette SUOW148The completely white color does not prevent this Swatch Originals New Gent watch from winning the cover photo of the collection, its visible mechanism in different colors shows the colorful essence of these watches.

Swatch Patchwork (SUOB140)Swatch Patchwork SUOB140Like the previous model this watch from the Swatch Originals New Gent family shows its mechanism in different colors, this time both the watch case and the watch strap are black.

Swatch Color Square (SUON125)Swatch Color Square SUON125A very elegant blue tone on its strap contrasts with the semi-transparent blue of its case. Its white dial is framed by different colored marks adding the most colorful touch to this elegant watch.

Swatch Color Calendar (GW709)Swatch Color Calendar GW709One of the most colorful watches in the collection is undoubtedly this Swatch Originals Gent watch, thanks to its dial that changes color thanks to the date function according to the day of the month.

Swatch Pepeblu (GN251)Swatch Pepeblu GN251Within the Swatch Color Studio collection you can find more modern and more uniform colored watches, as is the case of this blue watch in which the touches of color are indicated by the needles of hours, minutes and seconds.

Swatch Chili (GR173)Swatch Chili GR173If your favorite color is red you are in luck, because the Swatch Chili watch will add the touch of your favorite color to your daily wear clothes.

Swatch Flexipink (LP149)Swatch Flexipink LP149The pink color never goes out of style! This Brand New Swatch Originals Lady watch is perfect for wearing any time of day or any occasion... no one can stop wondering what time it is.

Swatch Bambino (LR131)Swatch Bambino LR131An unprecedented mix of colors: blue strap, red case and yellow dial. A Swatch Originals Lady watch that will make you fall in love from the first moment.

While here we have introduce you a few models to give you a little idea of ??what you can find within the new Swatch Color Studio watches collection, within it you can find up to twenty-two different models, among which we are sure that you will find a watch with the characteristics that you are looking for. So do not think about it any more, check it out to choose your favorite watch before it runs out and add more color to your time with the new Swatch Color Studio watches.

Add more color to your time with Swatch Color Studio

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