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New Swatch Graphic Designers


Thursday, March 08, 2012 - Read 2550 times

Lorenzo Petrantoni

SwitzerWatch.com welcomes two new collaborations, one with Italian designer Lorenzo Petrantoni and one with the famous French designer Fafi, that give rise to the new collection of Graphic Designers of Swatch watches.

Swatch has worked closely in the creation of five new models New Gent with acclaimed Italian designer Lorenzo Petrantoni. The five watches are characterized by a design made with a palette of only two colors (black and white) and is sufficient to capture some illustrations of the most elaborate detail and with an incredible quality and accuracy in printing to the smallest detail. The mix of old books and pictures in combination with geometric shapes give an illustrative effect as if it were made with old patchwork newspapers.

Petrantoni Lorenzo explains the inspirations of your designs:

"Old and new come together. Past and present in a single project. This collection of watches that has five designs is the result of this perfect union. They are designed with pictures, characters, letters and symbols of the nineteenth century. For me, it was a fascinating project, surprising and original. "

My idea was to give life to characters and objects from our past again, by a young brand and style. The truth is that there is no brand like Swatch, to welcome the XXI century "

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On the other hand, for the same collection, the successful French designer Fafi has set out her charming design with a new original model, in the Swatch Gent family, with original design and bold bright colors that are blended to get the personality, character, unique aesthetic, original and daring that are key to this magnificent designer.

Fafi recalls his early days with the brand:

"Like most children, my first watch was a Swatch. I still remember how I liked it, because I felt that is fashionable"

You can find the Swatch Graphic Designers collection following this link

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