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Swatch Irony XLite Watches


Friday, February 20, 2015 - Read 994 times

Swatch Irony XLite

What is so special about the new Swatch XLite watches?

During years of research and development the watch maker Swatch has always been known to use in developing their watches the most sophisticated materials, the most precise machinery and cutting edge methods.

While last year gave a significant leap forward in the field of automatic watches (Swatch System 51), this year Swatch has begun creating new models based on the use of materials to achieve new designs based on most current and cutting-edge market trends.

In this manner the new collection of watches Swatch Irony XLite was born. A collection of watches based on the binding of lightweight materials predominantly with aluminum as the main ingredient. Other materials used in the manufacture of these new models are plastic, leather and to a lesser extent, rubber.

This combination of materials is the main element that gives this new collection of watches its cutting edge, they are light and dynamic, contributing in turn to a dynamic and modern designs for each of these new watches.

Let's meet some of these sophisticated machines of time:

Swatch Endless Energy (YYS4001AG)Swatch Endless EnergyYYS4001AGWe start presenting you the headliner. This XLite watch features all the functions of a watch Irony Chrono (including tachometer) with the subtle difference that is much lighter because it is made entirely of aluminum.

Swatch Red Wheel (YYS4004)Swatch Red WheelYYS4004This model also includes the chrono function, but does not include tachymeter. The combination of black and red color suggests energy, professionalism and dynamism. Its silicone strap and aluminum case means that it’s a particularly lightweight model.

Swatch Go Cycle (YES4003)Swatch Go CycleYES4003This watch is almost entirely black. This Swatch watch has the date function only, but this does not prevent it from being one of the most sophisticated and serious watch in this collection. Thanks to its aluminum case, its leather strap and black face with a silver-gray highlight it ensures that this model will be the talk of the town this year.

Swatch Go Run (YES4000)Swatch Go RunYES4000This watch could not stay out of our presentation with its characteristic blue tones. It has an aluminum face and blue leather strap. Notice also the subtle appearance of orange indicators of its sphere!

With this presentation you can get an idea of the designs that await you in this new collection of watches where lightness and dynamism combine to create a new technological vision of the most modern watches. In total there are 12 new models from the Swatch Irony Xlite family and we recommend that you visit the page of this collection and see all available models because you can create the trend this year 2015.

Swatch Irony XLite, creating trends in 2015

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