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New Swatch Mediterranean Views collection


Monday, March 12, 2018 - Read 343 times

Swatch Mediterranean Views watches

Swatch Mediterranean Views, watches with Mediterranean air

The color of the Sun and the sea merge with a fresh touch of Mediterranean air in the watches of the Swatch Mediterranean Views collection, where you can find up to seventeen new models that will undoubtedly display their wide range of colors on beaches and pools from all parts of the world this spring and summer of 2018.

This spring and summer of 2018 you will be able to show off your watches from the new Swatch Mediterranean Views collection, combining them with your favorite garments, whether to go to the beach, to the pool, to the mountain or to go for a walk and at any time of the day, you will wake up the curiosity of those who accompany you and you will always wear a bit of Mediterranean views with your Swatch watch.

We introduce you some of these beautiful and colorful Mediterranean watches:

Swatch Colorland (GE254)Swatch Colorland GE254The watch that appears on the cover features a combination of the different colors of the Mediterranean in the form of brushstrokes along its strap and inside its dial. As the bottom of the watch is white and has so many colors, you can wear it with any item of clothing on any occasion.

Swatch Sea View (GW193)Swatch Sea View GW193The different lines of blue tones of this Swatch Gent watch represent the sea in a fantastic design that you will not want to do without even a second of time. Perfect to take a good dip on the beach, combining it with any swimsuit.

Swatch Piknik (SUOW401)Swatch Piknik SUOW401What better to go on a picnic than this Swatch New Gent watch whose design is inspired by the typical tablecloths that are usually used on a sunny day of visiting the countryside with family or friends... Set the date for your picnic day, you will have a great time.

Swatch Colorino (LW158)Swatch Colorino LW158The wide range of colors on the strap of this Swatch Lady watch make it, undoubtedly, another of the perfect watches to wear this spring and summer of 2018. You will wear a bit of design and fashion go where you go!

And these are just some examples of watches that you can find from now on in the new Swatch Mediterranean Views collection, where the Sun and the sea combine to bring us a little fresh and Mediterranean air that we like so much and how much will look this spring and summer of 2018. Buy your favorite watch before it runs out!

Swatch Mediterranean Views watches, fresh and Mediterranean air on your wrist

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