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New Swatch watches for lovers of tattoos


Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - Read 2378 times

New watches Swatch & Art Collection

Launches five new watches Swatch New Gent for Swatch & Art Collection, designed by famous artists inspired by the world of photography and tattoos

Tattoo lovers are in luck, Swatch has launched five new New Gent watches for Swatch & Art Collection, which are designed by two renowned artists:

The French artist Tin-Tin, famous for its stunning style and for being the author of the likes tattoos Jean-Paul Gaultier, brings vibrant style and intricate three amazing watches. Referencing photorealistic images and type that usually creates Japanese-inspired tattoo studio in Paris, Tin-Tin has successfully managed to capture them in the fields, boxes and straps New Gent watches.

Are the new Swatch models Swatch Fired Snake SUOZ151, Swatch Waved Koi SUOZ152 y Swatch Draconem SUOZ150

Emmanuelle Antille
The Swiss artist Emmanuelle Antille created two watches Swatch New Gent absolutely amazing. Inspired by a photo project in which the tattoo artist and the work examined a famous tattoo artist family (family Leu), Antille has transferred some elements elegantly intricate designs of tattoos straps silicone and opaque plastic spheres both clocks, which have a plastic opaque black and sleeves with a striking design.

The two Swatch watches designed by Emmanuelle Antille models Swatch Blue Graft SUOZ154 and Swatch Dark Graft SUOZ153

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