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A vision of Swatch and the Scottish highlands


Monday, October 06, 2014 - Read 1543 times

Swatch High Lands Mix Watches

Swatch presents a homage to the Scottish Highlands

Everyone knows the famous bagpipes, the symbolic kilt, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mr. Ewan McGregor, but there is more than these well known symbols: the endless landscapes, mountains and valleys that cover the Scottish Highlands with its beautiful mantle worthy of praise and extensive cuisine deeply rooted in their culture, among other things, the Scottish Highlands are worth of a visit to appreciate them so that they can be discovered in all its fullness.

This is why Swatch wanted to pay special tribute to this culture, feelings and lifestyle that is so characteristic, with a new collection of watches in which they expresses their broad and unique perspective of the Scottish Highlands.

With the collection Swatch High-Lands Mix we are offered a mixture of eighteen new watches with Scottish spirit that grab your attention from the first moment and transport you to the Scottish culture even if you have not visited any of its fantastic landscapes.

We proudly present some of the models that have drawn the most attention:

Swatch Mcpattern - SUOB114 Swatch McpatternSUOB114This model is our headline and is a watch from the Originals New Gent family that has nothing to hide... It features a colorful plaid design and its dial displays a fantastic clockwork.

Swatch Color Kilt - SUON109 Swatch Color KiltSUON109With its kilt design, it’s a kilt that everyone would want to wear. This is an ideal way to dress youthful and carefree without missing a second of time.

Swatch Romantic Buzz - SUBB126ASwatch Romantic BuzzSUBB126AThis Swatch Originals Square watch brings a very personal touch of romance and Scottish collection. Everyone will want to see the time on your wrist.

Swatch Yorktouch - SURB118Swatch YorktouchSURB118An authentically Scottish tartan design on a digital Swatch Touch watch. It’s blend of colors combine perfectly with any outfit that you use daily.

These are just four of the designs you can find in this spectacular collection of Swatch watches High-Lands Mix, a collection of watches in which Scotland grows more than ever thanks to the creativity and originality of your favorite brand of watches

Visit the lands of Scotland like never before!

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