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Special Swatch Mother's Day 2018 watch


Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - Read 586 times

Special Swatch Mother's Day 2018

The special Swatch Mother's Day watch of 2018 has a nice spring and floral design

Swatch Skinpivoine (SVOZ100) special Mother's Day 2018 There is still a bit of time left for this special day, but with the arrival of good weather and spring we could not wait any longer to introduce you the special Swatch watch for Mother's Day 2018. It is called Swatch Skinpivoine (SVOZ100), it belongs to the family of Swatch Skin Regular watches and has a beautiful design very spring and flowered perfect for the occasion.

The Swatch Skinpivoine watch (SVOZ100) is the special Mother's Day model of 2018, it is a estraslim watch with a 36.8 mm white case inside which the silver dial highlights the indexes in the form of petals and the hands of hours and minutes in pink color. The watch strap is a beautiful turquoise color and is decorated by a large number of flowers of different shapes in white, pink and pale pink, which contributes to the set with a touch of spring design very convenient for this time of year.

Special packaging Swatch Skinpivoine (SVOZ100)The special packaging of this fantastic Swatch watch includes a white vanity case with a pink strap and a turquoise print with flowers in different shapes in white on the bottom that is Perfect to use as a travel bag or so that she can store anything inside.

This Mother's Day of 2018 give your mother a very special gift, showing how much you admire her, spending all day with her and making her feel unique, because she deserves it, do things with her, help her as much as you can and show her all your love and affection in the most sincere way, because after all, she is the best of the best and you wanna be like her.

Swatch Mother's Day 2018 Skinpivoine (SVOZ100), show her all your love and affection

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