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Swatch 2017 Xmas


Monday, December 11, 2017 - Read 449 times

Swatch 2017 Xmas

What Swatch watches are you going to give this 2017 Xmas?

Celebrate Xmas 2017 and start the new year with your favorite Swatch watch!

We want to take advantage of some of the most special Swatch watches to give this year, ideal as a gift for this Xmas 2017, so that your gift is a success and triumphs with your partner, family or friends, making the best of gifts and hitting full, impressing and amazing your loved ones.

Swatch Isidor (SUOZ260S)We started, how could it be otherwise, introducing the new Swatch special Xmas watch of this year 2017: it is the model Swatch Isidor (SUOZ260S), a nice snowman with carrot nose that comes inside its special packaging remember the carrot of his own nose, although he says in French that that is not a carrot... it is also a very special edition limited to 8,888 units worldwide, in short, a jewel worthy of a collector, buy yours before the units run out!

In addition, as in previous years, you can discover in the section Swatch Xmas watches, which you will find from now on among the first options of the main menu of our online store Swatch, a great multitude of suggestions that, without a doubt, will also suppose a whole perfect success to give on these dates so marked. Here we present some of the new Swatch Xmas watches that we propose for this year of 2017:

Swatch Skinthrough (SVUB102)Swatch Skinthrough SVUB102Among the new Swatch Skin Big watches you will discover watches like this model, extra-flat, unisex and with a 40 mm case, an ideal design for both men and women that will triumph in 2018... A great success to give this Xmas!

Swatch Skinskin (SVUT100)Swatch Skinskin SVUT100All a top sales and points to this Xmas is going to be the favorite gift for many swatchers, a unique design, elegant and sophisticated that will not go out of style no matter how much time passes.

Swatch Holiday Twist (SUOZ709S)Swatch Holiday Twist SUOZ709SThe special Swatch of Xmas 2014, of which we still have a few units and that caused so much fury a couple of years ago... The dial includes a Xmas tree in the bottom to which you can change the color and decorate it by combining the two parts. Its packaging is ideal to decorate your Xmas tree!

Swatch Skinmoka (SVOC100M)Swatch Skinmoka SVOC100MAn elegant and sophisticated Swatch Skin Regular, with 36.8 mm case, shine in the dark, Milanese stainless steel strap and, of course, your Swiss machinery. Its golden color makes it a clear candidate to be an ideal gift this Xmas.

Swatch Uncle Charly (YAS112C)Swatch Uncle Charly YAS112CAn automatic watch, impressive and unique, with visible mechanism and brightness in the dark, the white leather strap gives it a touch of sophisticated design, perfect to give both for men and women, ideal to wear daily, what else Can you ask a watch?

Swatch Body & Soul Cuero (YAS100D)Swatch Body & Soul Cuero YAS100DIf you are a regular Swatcher you may already know this watch, a classic that is now presented with black leather strap, so it is much more comfortable to wear, it is still automatic so you do not need batteries!

And these are just some examples of the models that we have added to the section of Swatch Xmas watches this 2017 year, but many other watches can serve as a gift for this Xmas! We invite you to browse our online Swatch watches store and discover the different models that you can find among the different families and collections of watches, such as the Swatch Fall-Winter 2017 season or the different families of Swatch Skin watches, where you will find a great variety of perfectly valid designs to give in these special and festive days.

Buy your Swatch gift before it goes ahead!



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