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Swatch Archi-Mix watches: architecture and design goes together


Tuesday, November 01, 2016 - Read 697 times

Swatch Archi-Mix watches

Swatch Archi-Mix watches: architecture and design goes together

Since the beginning of times architecture has always been linked to design and vice versa; Whether for interior, exterior, industrial, etc. Design has played a fundamental role in architectural creation and has contributed its solution to the various problems that the human being was encountering over time combining different elements to provide a solution that was as aesthetic and functional as possible.

From Swatch watches we give this sympathetic and symbolic tribute to the architectural mixes both present and past through the new collection of Swatch Archi-Mix watches, where elements of the most classic design, combine with the most avant-garde styles of the moment and the known machinery of Swiss watches, creating unique results of great beauty and functionality.

These are sixty-one new watches belonging to the Swatch Irony, Swatch Skin and Swatch Originals families that will not leave anyone indifferent thanks to its unique designs and mix of colors. Here are some of these great Swatch watches:

Swatch Chicken Run (SUOW138)Swatch Chicken Run SUOW138Is the headliner. This Swatch Originals New Gent watch repeating pattern is repeated all along its strap and its case. Within its sphere the only point of color is random and can be blue, green, pink or yellow.

Swatch Larancio (SUOO103)Swatch Larancio SUOO103This Swatch Originals New Gent watch combines the orange color of its cage with the semitransparent black of its strap. The numbers, also black, point to the center of the dial so you can read the time comfortably from different points of view.

Swatch Blue Attack (YYS4017AG)Swatch Blue Attack YYS4017AGAn unique design on an ultralight watch from the Irony Xlite Swatch family. The blue color combines wonderfully with the aluminum plating of its cage. It is also available in red, white and black.

Swatch Thin Liner (SFE108)Swatch Thin Liner SFE108 One of the extra flat watches in the collection is this model in which lines of different colors are repeated along its strap, creating a sense of order-disorder that you can not stop contemplate.

Swatch Mezzanotte (YLS451)Swatch Mezzanotte YLS451 A combination of shapes and materials go hand in hand in the design of this Swatch Medium watch, the union of white with gold make it also one of the most beautiful models in the collection. It is also available in white and silver.

Swatch Dreamnight Rose (YCS588G)Swatch Dreamnight Rose YCS588GA spectacular and unique design coupled with the functionality, endurance and features of an Irony Chrono Swatch watch. The silver color of its strap and steel cage are perfectly accompanied by the pink links of the center of its strap and the pink of its dial where the different needles are mimicked in a golden color.

And these are just six of the new and special watches that you can find in the Swatch Archi-Mix collection where each model ride their special tribute to design and architecture. Discover them all before they run out and choose the design that best suits your style.

Swatch Archi-Mix watches, where design and architecture come together again

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