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Swatch Fall-winter 2013 watches: Urban Expression


Thursday, September 12, 2013 - Read 1852 times

Swatch Urban Expression watches

This fall-winter 2013 the Swatch Urban Expression collection brings together the most hipsters and rebellious urban watches, all from this famous Swiss brand

Hipsters, rebels, street, night and especially ... urban. Its all here, the first watches that will travel around all the cities of the world this fall-winter 2013, nine watches of three distinct families - Gent, New Gent and New Chrono Plastic - that stand in their designs and their unique point of view of the urban world, this is the new collection of Swatch watches urban expression.

We introduce you some of these new Swatch watches with a casual and urban design:

Swatch Japan Road (GB279)Swatch Japan RoadGB279Swatch Japan Road Watch (GB279) is the cover of this fascinating collection of watches and perfectly reflects the nightlife and street of the great city of Tokyo.

Swatch This Moment (SUOW106)Swatch This MomentSUOW106With the whole philosophy of life: "Be happy for this moment is for life", the design of this watch make sure that any minute that passes in our life, is a very special and fun.

Swatch Not Available In Colour (GW165)Swatch Not Available In ColourGW165It is unclear if it will ever be available in color, but what is known at this moment is that this Original Gent watch will give much to talk about this fall-winter 2013.

Swatch No Guts No Glory (SUOB108)Swatch No Guts No GlorySUOB108No Guts No Glory... this watch is so charismatic and emblematic make sure that we are alert in the cold winter days.

Swatch Generation 27 (GB276)Swatch Generation 27GB276A watch with a double meaning referring to the great rock stars who died at 27 years old Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse - and also, of course, the well known Spanish generation of poets from 27 - Rafael Alberti, Federico García Lorca, Luis Cernuda, Barn Lane...

Swatch Rough Green (SUOG105)Swatch Rough GreenSUOG105A canvas peeling wall serves for the original design of the Swatch New Gent watch, which you can find in pink with the Swatch Rough Pink (SUOC102) model.

Do not hesitate and take a look at the fantastic collection of watches Swatch Urban Expression a collection of the most original watches, which will give your wrist an extra touch of urban expression, unprecedented design and color for this fall-winter season 2013.

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