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Shine This Winter With Swatch Watches And Let It Shine


Tuesday, November 04, 2014 - Read 1123 times

Let It Shine Swatch Watches

Winter, the best season to give... and give a good Swiss watch

If you visit our Swatch shop daily and are aware of the latest releases and news we publish often, you´ve probably noticed that we already some time ago published a collection of Swatch watches called Let It Shine and you probably already know many of these new models... However, we now make the official presentation of this brilliant new collection of watches that has been published to add a special tone to this cold Fall-Winter 2014.

We will now show you some of the new models that have been recently added to this collection to give you an idea of ​​what you´ll find among the stylish, prestigious watches especially designed for the coldest season of the year:

Swatch Dreamnight 14 Golden (YCG405GC)Swatch Dreamnight 14 GoldenYCG405GCA dream watch for everyday wear, for watch lovers with stopwatch and a chic modern design. It is also available in pink golden color in the model Swatch Dreamnight 14 Rose (YCG404GC).

Swatch Chicdream Rose (YLG128G)Swatch Chicdream RoseYLG128G This sophisticated watch in pink gold color is ideal for women with a great personality so that you do not lose a second of your time. It is also available in gold in the model Swatch Chicdream Golden (YLG127G).

Swatch Forêt Noire (SFK392)Swatch Forêt NoireSFK392 The lovers of Swatch Skins are in luck with the model Forêt Noire SFK392, because now it joins five new models like this watch, which leaves bare its golden mechanism inside a transparent case that you can wear on your wrist thanks to its black leather strap. Roman numerals add the finishing touch to a classic and elegant design.

Swatch Boleyn (YAG100G)Swatch BoleynYAG100GOne of the most golden unisex models so far. It´s an automatic, and its precise mechanism can been seen inside the case behind a golden grid. A genius of design for lovers of modern watches.

Overall, in this collection you´ll find cool tones accompanied by warm colors, gold and rose gold, black and white, all in combination with some really sophisticated designs that Swatch will make you want to take them all home... Get them while they are available! Choose your favorite Let It Shine Swatch and add a special glow to your everyday life even in the coldest season of the year... And get ready to show off your new Swatch watch.

Watches specially designed for autumn-winter 2014

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