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Swatch Look Fab: the most glamorous watches


Wednesday, November 02, 2016 - Read 350 times

Swatch Look Fab

Feel more than fabulous with the Swatch Look Fab watches

Imagine it's night, the snow falls slowly leaving a thick white mantle that covers the cold streets of your favorite winter vacation place, next to a fireplace fire you warm up, while you watch the snowflakes pass through the window, And surrounded by your best friends enjoy a fantastic evening of those that linger in the memory. Meanwhile, your new Swatch watch seems to accompany your mood with its occasional flashes produced by the reflection of the fire of the fireplace reflected in its already bright and dazzling figure.

In summary this is the essence of what you will find in the new collection of Swatch Look Fab watches, fifteen new Swatch models from different families have united with a nexus in common: good taste, glamor and elegance. Bright, gleaming and resplendent like the only ones, of different colors, among which stand out golden, pink and silver and with glitter, and semi-transparencies to shine more on your wrist. Do you feel fab?

Here are some models of these glamorous Swatch watches:

Swatch Nuit Doree (SUOK122)Swatch Nuit Doree SUOK122This is the watch that appears on the cover of this elegant watches collection. Its case, strap and buckle are transparent, the rest of the watch is completely golden color with glitter. Can you imagine what it will look like on your wrist?

Swatch Silverblush (GM416C)Swatch Silverblush GM416CFrom the Swatch Originals Gent watches family you will find this watch with extra features of brightness in the dark and date. Perfect for any occasion and also unisex. What are you looking forward to wearing?

Swatch Nuit Rose (GP149)Swatch Nuit Rose GP149A little more daring this Swatch Originals Gent watch. The glitter covers it completely, in the box and strap pink semi transparent in pink and in the dial of black color in golden color. Elegant but without going unnoticed.

Swatch Pinkindescent (LK354C)Swatch Pinkindescent LK354CThe princesses of the house are in luck, with this watch from the Swatch Originals Lady family they can feel fabulous from the first moment. Pink double-loop strap with glitter, as well as loops, and transparent case and buckle. Is not it a charm?

Swatch Golden Street (SFE106G)Swatch Golden Street SFE106GThis gold Swatch watch is the perfect complement to any occasion. Transparent plastic case with golden steel strap with an elegant drawing of spikes, inside the sphere four Swarovski crystals mark the central hours. And of course... extra thin!

Swatch Goldendescent (LK351C)Swatch Goldendescent LK351CAnother Swatch Originals Lady double round watch, this one in gold color, will delight any girl wearing it on her wrist. Charming, elegant and glamorous. You will be the center of attention!

In addition to these six models that we introduce you in this article there are nine other models in the Swatch Look Fab watches collection that will delight anyone who wants to feel elegant, sophisticated, glamorous and ultimately... fab. Are you ready to feel fab again?

Swatch Look Fab: elegant, sophisticated and glamorous watches

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