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Swatch Mosaici & More watches


Wednesday, March 08, 2017 - Read 415 times

Swatch Mosaici & More watches

New collection of Swatch Mosaici & More watches... Look at what prints!

Introducing the new collection of Swatch Mosaici & More watches, Swatch watches with prints designs of different mosaics and patterns that will arouse passion this spring and summer of 2017.

The prints are more fashionable than ever and throughout the spring and summer of 2017 they will continue to trend in any garment or accessory, including, as it could not be otherwise, watches. Patterns of polka dots (even polka dots of different sizes within the same design), lines, patterns and more or less geometric patterns that repeat creating a slight sensation of retro style, will return to be trend this season and can not be missing in any closet.

That's why Swatch launches the collection of Swatch Mosaici & More watches where you can find the latest trends in printed fashion, embodied in your favorite Swiss watches, so you can combine them with your favorite clothing and wear them daily this spring and summer of 2017.

Here are some of these new Swatch watches:

Swatch Dotypop (PNW104)Swatch Dotypop PNW104The watch that you will find on the cover of this new collection of watches could not be other than this Swatch Originals Pop watch. Polka dots of different sizes cover its strap and dial. Also, as the strap is reversible you can wear black polka dots on a white background or white polka dots on a red background.

Swatch Milkolor (GM417)Swatch Milkolor GM417This Swatch Originals Gent features asymmetric polka dots of different colors along its white strap, creating a sense of organized disorder. The semi-transparent black box frames its white sphere with polka dots of different colors at the index positions. It also has the characteristic date.

Swatch Rounds And Squares (SUON122)Swatch Rounds And Squares SUON122Geometric shapes of different colors cover the strap of this Swatch Originals New Gent model, in which the semi-transparent blue box frames its silver sphere in which the index are highlighted inside circles of different colors.

Swatch Colorbrush (SUOS106)Swatch Colorbrush SUOS106As its name suggests, the brushstrokes of different colors and sizes that cover its strap, are the most striking of this watch in which the box, semi-transparent blue, frames the sophisticated champagne color sphere with index of different colors in shape of lines.

Swatch Girling (LW153)Swatch Girling LW153Some models of the Swatch Originals Lady family could not miss in this collection of fashion watches. This youthful, white model comes with polka dots of different colors lined up on its strap, guiding the eye of the beholder to its colorful and vibrant pink and blue sphere.

Swatch Colorush (LK368G)Swatch Colorush LK368GIn this other Swatch Originals Lady the adjustable strap of stainless steel, is finished, in the last two links that hook with its transparent box, by points of resin of different colors. The white dial with index, also of different colors, brings to the whole an unprecedented touch of sophistication.

Do not think twice and get your watch from the Swatch Mosaici & More collection while still available. It will be the ideal complement to any garment and will also add a perfect fashion touch for this spring and summer of 2017. Join the fashion of mosaics and patterns, in the form of dots, colors and geometric shapes and suit your time day by day with sophistication and glamor creating trend among your friends.

Join the trend of Swatch Mosaici & More

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