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Swatch Valentine's Day 2017: a planet of love


Wednesday, February 01, 2017 - Read 1285 times

Swatch special Valentine's Day 2017

Do you know the Swatch watch for Valentine's Day 2017? You will feel butterflies in your stomach again!

Get ready to re-feel butterflies in the stomach this February 14th Valentine's Day because the Swatch's special Valentine's Day watch is already here.

For this Valentine's Day of 2017 we propose to all Swatchers in love a beautiful planet of love that includes a boat trip and to feel butterflies in the stomach like the first time we fell in love... the reward: to catch the true love of your life and protect it in the deepest heart. Do you feel in love?

Swatch San Valentín 2017 Introducing the Swatch Planet Love watch (GZ307S), a watch from the Swatch Originals Gent family that comes in a very special edition of 14,999 units distributed around the world. Designed by the celebrated humorous artist Mordillo, this special Valentine's Swatch watch 2017 features a clear plastic box, inside which, in the dial, a loving couple enjoys a beautiful boat ride on a clear day and with a Sky of a beautiful blue tone, while contemplating the butterflies that flutter around it. The watch strap, made of plastic folio is covered by more than 100 butterflies of different colors that flutter joyfully bringing their joy, color and dynamism to this fantastic composition. Both the watch strap and the buckle are transparent in color to enhance the main motif of its design.

Swatch Planet LoveSwatch Planet Love The watch is presented in a marvelous and colorful box, also designed by Mordillo, which appears on a floor full of daisies, a character typical of the cartoonist who tries to hunt, with a butterfly hunting net, a girl who run away as she holds her hat. The sky appears covered by hundreds of butterflies that, amusing, observe the scene from its privileged position. At half height of the box and with a heart shape a semi transparent red window shows a part of the watch that contains inside. Inside the box, which opens like a book, you can write a dedication on the inside of the cover, so that you can dedicate some nice words to the person you love. Do not forget to set the date!

In addition to the Swatch Planet Love watch, from now on you can find in the menu of our online Swatch shop, a new link Valentine's Day in which you can find this watch and many other ideal recommendations to give this day of lovers in 2017! Do not miss them!

Mordillo About the designer Mordillo:
Guillermo Mordillo Menéndez, of Spanish parents, was born in 1932 in the Villa Pueyrredón neighborhood of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Known for his works as Mordillo (always signing as G. Mordillo, Mor or Mordillo), is a famous international cartoonist dedicated mainly to graphic humor and children's illustrations. You can find more works and everything related to this great artist on his official website mordillo.com.

From SwitzerWatch.com we want you to enjoy a beautiful February 14, 2017, Valentine's Day, as a couple, next to the person you love most, taking a nice boat ride or spending a different day, giving a nice walking or hunting butterflies, but above all, show him/her how much you care and how much he/she means to you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Feel butterflies with the Valentine's Swatch watch 2017

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