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The voice of the street in Swatch Voice of Freedom collection


Tuesday, November 01, 2016 - Read 634 times

Swatch Voice of Freedom watches

Listen and voice the street with the new Swatch Voice of Freedom

It is heard loudly, it is present in everything that surrounds us and we want to take advantage of it and possess it. Freedom of expression is an universal right voiced (and sometimes shouted) that has come to stay. And you? Do you feel expressive?

Swatch Voice of Freedom In the Voice of Freedom collection you can find the least conformist Swatch watches you could imagine: watches with graffiti, libertarian messages, hidden, nonconformist, bold and daring awaits for you in this fantastic and colorful collection of watches where everyone reveals its own freedom of expression in its own way. Because nowadays times are changing, and no one knows more about time that Swatch, the voice of freedom has come to one of the most charismatic watches collections of the brand.

Eighteen new Swatch models raise the voice claiming their rights and freedoms as it could not be otherwise. They belong to different families of watches including Swatch Touch and Swatch Touch Zero digital family of watches and the colorful families of Swatch Originals watches: Lady, New Gent and Gent, as well as two extra-flat models belonging to the Swatch Skin family.

Here are some of these nonconformist models:

Swatch Wall Paint (SUOW133)Swatch Wall Paint SUOW133The headliner. Urban graffiti cover this watch from the Swatch Originals New Gent family. Its colorful design manifests its freedom of expression as none.

Swatch Me-how (PNB102)Swatch Me-how PNB102Don't be fooled by this kitten and its good-natured look. It is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary of the collection. On the watch strap you can read some of the expressions that usually use: whats up, man, bro, and so on, dope... statement of intentions.

Swatch Multi Collage (SUOW132)Swatch Multi Collage SUOW132Do we always have to mark the hours in the same way? This watch thinks it should be different, so he does it using a very special collage, in which each letter has been trimmed from a different place, so that there is not a single equal letter.

Swatch Electrochat (SUOB135)Swatch Electrochat SUOB135Introducing the most electric cat of the collection. He has no qualms about making fun of himself by painting his face if he gets that you will arrive just in time to your most important date. At lightning speed.

Swatch Voice of Freedom And these are just four of the eighteen new models that you can find in the Swatch Voice of Freedom watches collection... Can you imagine what the other fourteen will look like? Be sure to take a look at all the available watches because they have no wastage and each has something important to say and express.

Hurry to decide which one fits the most with your own freedom airs and always carry it with you to express what you really feel. Because freedom of expression is and will remain a universal right. Have you decided which one is for your?

Express yourself with more freedom with the Swatch Voice of Freedom watches!

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