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Swatch Watches For Christmas 2013


Tuesday, December 03, 2013 - Read 2181 times

Swatch Christmas 2013

We present Swatch watches for this Christmas 2013

You can now find available at our store the Swatch Christmas special watch! It´s a limited edition watch called Swatch Red Knit (SUOZ172) which will be talked about this Christmas 2013 as it comes with a hot water bottle ... But there are also many other watches that can serve as a special gift for the holidays and like every year, we present a selection of them.

We introduce some new models this year 2013 that will add to your holiday spirit:

Swatch Red Knit (SUOZ172S)Swatch Red KnitSUOZ172SThis is the Christmas special this 2013, its blend of red and gold colors, makes this watch a model to enjoy for all the holidays at this special time.

Swatch Blaze (YCG4001AG)Swatch BlazeYCG4001AGThe quintessential gold Swatch watch, this watch Chrono Irony can be a great gift for any man who likes their watches light as it is made ​​entirely of aluminum, so you hardly notice it when worn.

Swatch Rosetta Bianca (YAS109)Swatch Rosetta BiancaYAS109This Swatch Automatic watch is a great treat when you want to dress classy and being automatic it means you will never need to change its battery. Its Swiss mechanisim is enough to fill every second with happiness every day of the year.

Swatch Rosetta Nera (YAB100)Swatch Rosetta NeraYAB100This black model, also automatic, brings sophistication to whoever wears it and also works without batteries, so the person who you give it to will never have to stop to change them.

Swatch You My Time (YLS711G)Swatch You My TimeYLS711GThis watch is made for her. Silver and gold, this model can be a highlight of this Christmas. Its especially designed for the most fashionable of women, its color combination make the person wearing it look chic.

Swatch Me Your Time (YGS770G)Swatch Me Your TimeYGS770GThis watch is made for him. A sober but modern, ideal gift this Christmas 2013. The man that wears this watch on his wrist will be waering a precision Swiss Made high quality steel machine.

We´ve introduced some new models that can make great gifts this Christmas 2013, but remember that in our online store, you can find up to hundreds of watches in different designs and colors, that can make a perfect gift.

Also, as always, we would like to take this opportunity, to thank and wish all the swatcher's all around the world who have given us their trust and have enjoyed a Swatch watch every second of this year 2013 a very happy X-mas. We hope that you get to spend some beautiful moments and happy Swatch holidays and that next year will be even happier and will tick to the time of a Swatch.

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