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Mediterranean Dolce Vita: the tasty collection of Swatch


Monday, May 11, 2015 - Read 826 times

Swatch Mediterranean Dolce Vita

The most appetizing Swatch watches to date from the collection Dolce Vita Mediterranean

As it is approaching summer and like every year we have to start thinking about getting into shape... Well this year Swatch does its bit to make it more bearable! Because with this collection of Swatch watches Mediterranean Dolce Vita, the brand of Swiss watches has designed watches that are inspired directly on the healthy Mediterranean diet: onions, tomatoes, oranges and sardines... Are you hungry for a Swatch?

We present the four most appetizing Swatch watches to date:

Swatch Vitamine Boost (SUOK115)Swatch Vitamine Boost SUOK115This Swatch is the headliner from this watch collection and could not be anything other than orange ... known to be rich in vitamin C, this citrus is richly packed with vitamins.. Fancy a juice?

Swatch Tomatella (SUOS102)Swatch Tomatella SUOS102A tomato is never missing in any Mediterranean diet ... Whether alone or in salad. It tastes great! Have you tried all the varieties that exist?

Swatch Onione (SUOP105)Swatch Onione SUOP105Some will hate them but it is indisputable that this plant will be on any diet that claims to be Mediterranean... With only 45 calories per serving with no sodium and no cholesterol! It also has a lot of properties and vitamins.

Swatch Sardina (SUON111)Swatch Sardina SUON111Directly from the Mediterranean Sea to your wrist! Thos oily fish that we like to taste in summer has many other vitamins and calcium. A scrumptious main course.

With these special, nutritious, refreshing foods, and some daily sport, you will get into shape in no time. Find the four models available in the Swatch Mediterranean Dolce Vita collection and select your favorite among these four watches that you can take with you every day to cool the hot days of this summer of 2015.

Enjoy your meal with Mediterranean Swatch Dolce Vita!!

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