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New Collection Swatch Sport Mixer


Thursday, July 23, 2015 - Read 814 times

Swatch Sport Mixer

Do you like watches with bold and bright colors?

If you like watches with bold and bright colors you are in luck. Swatch Sport Mixer is a collection of youthful, striking and different watches, where you can find up to 31 different models and where the main virtue of each one is its ability to combine colors.

The models that predominate are the Swatch Originals Family: Gent, New Gent, Scuba Libre, Lady, Sistem 51 and New Chrono Plastic, but you can also find digital watches Swatch Touch and the most dynamic and light Swatch Irony watches from the Xlite family.

We present some of the most representative models of this colorful collection of watches:

Swatch Myrtil-tech (SUOO102)Swatch Myrtil-techSUOO102A Swatch New Gent Originals Swatch watch that perfectly combines blue and orange, while showing us part of its mechanism of Swiss clockwork precision.

Swatch Pomme-tech (SUOG110)Swatch Pomme-techSUOG110The electric green of this watch is combined only by some touches of yellow and silver in parts of its Swiss mechanism.

Swatch à Coté (GB286)Swatch à CotéGB286Orange, blue, green, pink ... The highlight of this watch collection could not be other than the union of this mix of pastel colors, each in its proper place, giving a Swatch unique design at the same time avant-garde.

Swatch Happy Dots (SUUK108)Swatch Happy DotsSUUK108Dive with it up to 200 meters deep and be the focus of attention. The design of this watch Swatch Scuba Libre creates great feeling thanks to the combination of the colors of its dots that are distributed over its entire surface and creating a fun and refreshing feeling.

Swatch Wee Hours (SURN106)Swatch Wee HoursSURN106This iSwatch combines blue with yellow and black creating a casual and youthful design. Needless to say, it is a ... Digital Touch and packed with features that will make your daily life easier. The most advanced technology for your wrist.

Swatch 16 Dots (YYS4007AG)Swatch 16 DotsYYS4007AG32 turquoise color dots are distributed equally between the two sides of this strap ... its name: 16 points, could not be more successful. This model is from the Xlite family and is ultra light.

These watches from the new Swatch watches Collection Sport Mixer are Ideal to wear on a daily basis and refresh the hours at any time of day. These are watches that use color, materials and shapes to achieve unique designs that fit perfectly with your most colorful clothes.

Which Swatch do you prefer?

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