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Swatch Tech-Mode, the technology fashion comes this fall


Wednesday, September 02, 2015 - Read 746 times

Swatch Tech-Mode

Fashion technology comes to the new collection of Swatch watches this Fall-Winter 2015

Its back to school time and we are happy to make the presentation of the new Swatch collections for the Fall-Winter season of 2015 and among the three new collections that have been released so far this Fall (in the previous article we made a special mention of the collection Sport-Mixer), the most autumn models are those from this new collection Swatch Tech-Mode.

Characterized by their use of the technology trends of the moment (with a retro touch in some cases), either by imitating their materials or designs that are clearly inspired by the highest technologies, the collection Swatch Tech-Mode delight watches lovers and industrial designs through the wide range of colors used and the groundbreaking touches.

In the design of these new Swatch watches you can find gears, sheet metal, paint, waves, visible mechanism ... all to highlight the importance of new technologies to our times and how useful these days we live.

We present some of the models that are in this new technological revolution Swatch:

Swatch Text-ure (SUOM102)Swatch Text-ureSUOM102A very original Swatch design and elegant texture in the form of a metal plate that matches its gray strap and black inside the case and its red hands.

Swatch Computerion (SUON114)Swatch ComputerionSUON114One of the most avant-garde designs of this collection is represented by this Swatch watch that mixes green with silver for a pleasantly innovative effect.

Swatch Sperulino (SUSM402)Swatch SperulinoSUSM402This Swatch watch with chrono uses a metallic green tone while the strap adds a modern effect to the whole watch. Ideal for everyday wear thanks to its sporty design.

Swatch Buchetti (SUON113)Swatch BuchettiSUON113From the Originals New Gent Swatch Family, the watch “Buchetti” combines blue and green while showing part of its Swiss watch mechanism between the holes inside the face of the watch.

Swatch Gris En Rose (YCG411)Swatch Gris En RoseYCG411With a classic touch of aged design, this watch combines the pink gold of its dark gray case with its strap to get this fantastic "pink gray".

Swatch Rosalona (YOG408G)Swatch RosalonaYOG408GThe jewel of this collection is imposed by this watch from the family Swatch Irony The Chrono. With its completely pink golden color it is undoubtedly the largest and most elegant watch of this collection.

Many watches join this new Swatch collection that includes 37 different models. So we are sure that you will find your ideal one this autumn 2015 in the Swatch Tech-Mode collection. Do you dare to be part of the new technological revolution from Swatch?

Join the new technological revolution from Swatch

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