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The Swatch Vibe new watches


Friday, March 16, 2018 - Read 398 times

The Swatch Vibe watches

New The Swatch Vibe watches. Feel the energy in your wrist!

The new The Swatch Vibe collection brings us Swatch watches full of energy and vitality that stand out for their dynamism and good vibrations and that will bring, to your wrist and your everyday clothes, the joy necessary to live every second of every day in a different and carefree way.

There are sixteen new models, belonging to the families of Swatch Gent, Swatch New Gent, Swatch Lady and Swatch New Chrono Plastic watches, which are characterized by a wide range of bright colors and electric reminiscent of neon lights and screens characteristics and abundant in large cities.

We introduce to you some of the Swatch watches that will shine the most in wrist around the world this spring and summer of 2018:

Swatch Around The Strap (SUOB146)Swatch Around The Strap SUOB146The cover watch of this new watches collection could not be other than this Swatch New Gent so characteristic, on a black background presents frames of different colors (yellow, pink and blue) in each of its parts.

Swatch Accecante (GE255)Swatch Accecante GE255Perhaps one of the most electric models of the collection is this Swatch Gent watch that combines yellow with blue and pink to get the most out of your wrist, adding dynamism to your clothes.

Swatch Pinkmazing (SUOK130)Swatch Pinkmazing SUOK130Available also in green and blue color, this Swatch New Gent watch shows its Swiss timepiece making it stand out with its pink color on the strap and semi-transparent white case... Invigorating!

Swatch Boule A Facette (GB305)Swatch Boule A Facette GB305The design of this Swatch Gent watch alternates dots of gray with others of pink, yellow and blue in an unique and original design that will bring dynamism to every second of your day... Energizing!

Swatch Purp-lol (SUSK400)Swatch Purp-lol SUSK400Swatch New Chrono Plastic model that will awaken admiration and curiosity of those around you thanks to its energetic purple color combined with pink. It also has a date, chronometer and tachymeter... Invigorate!

Swatch Yel-lol (SUSJ402)Swatch Yel-lol SUSJ402This other Swatch New Chrono Plastic model, which also has a date, chronometer and tachymeter, is perfect to add a touch of sport to your everyday clothes... Electrifying!

And these are just six of the models that you can find in the new collection of The Swatch Vibe watches, where the most electric colors are imposed along with the most daring fashion to result in some daring and unique watches, full of energy and dynamism that will make that you notice every second of the day in a different way. Which one do you like the most?

More energy and vitality on your wrist with The Swatch Vibe watches

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