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Swatch A Traveler's Dream: watches to travel and dream


Friday, January 13, 2017 - Read 697 times

Swatch A Traveler's Dream

Get ready to travel with Swatch A Traveler's Dream watches and achieve your dreams

We continue introducing you the new Swatch watches of this Spring-Summer 2017 season, the most colorful watches and the most mesmerizing designs you could imagine, to wear daily or occasionally more special and always setting trends in any type of environment and place.

If in the previous article we introduce you the most versatile, classic, youthful and, in the end, more ideal watches of Time to Swatch collection (you can find this article following the link New 2017 collections, it is time to Swatch), now comes the Swatch A Traveler's Dream collection. So pack your baggage or prepare your favorite travel bag with everything you need. Do not forget the camera with enough battery and capacity and your ID or passport! Prepare yourself mentally for what may be the most fun and exciting travel of your life and dream about the new destination that awaits you and the large number of new places that you will discover. Are you ready? Yes? Well, let's start!

By car, train, boat, plane or even helicopter, whatever the method of transportation and the destination you choose, the Swatch watches from A Traveler's Dream collection will provide you with the perfect accessory to not miss a second of time of the travel or escapade that you have planned. You'll find watches inspired by boarding passes, helicopters, airmail, sailor knots, beach and nautical designs, bound for France, Shanghai, Italy... Do not hesitate for a second and embark on the most adventurous Swatch watches collection until date.

Here are some of the watches that will most travel this Spring-Summer season of 2017:

Swatch Go To Gate (SUOW141)Swatch Go To Gate SUOW141Inspired on a boarding pass, this Swatch Originals New Gent watch can be the perfect ally to fly anywhere in the world, whether first class or tourist. You will always be on time!

Swatch Anchor Baby (GN247)Swatch Anchor Baby GN247If you prefere travel by boat, sail the seas and enjoy the immensity of the ocean, with this Swatch Originals Gent watch you can drop the anchor in any destination of your choice. A sailor and youthful design perfect for any water adventure.

Swatch Maglietta (SUOW140)Swatch Maglietta SUOW140Have you ever been in Biarritz? Just 20 km from Spain is a coastal area of ??southwest France well known for its coves and beaches. This Swatch watch can be the perfect excuse for visit it for the first time or to re-enjoy its unique beauty again.

Swatch Yokorace (SUOB724)Swatch Yokorace SUOB724Would you rather go by car? No problem! Pace the throttle to the bottom and increase the revolutions with this watch inspired by 80s watches. Completely black in color except by the red loop and indicators, its sporty style is ideal to arrive punctual to your destination.

Swatch Destination Shanghai (YVB404)Swatch Destination Shanghai YVB404For longer travels you may need a watch with more features such as this Swatch Irony Chrono. Includes stainless steel case, chronometer, date, glows in the dark... everything that you need to travel to any part of the world and decrease jet lag.

Swatch Varigotti (GL118)Swatch Varigotti GL118 To the north of Italy, near Savona, you can find another well known tourist destination to travel, this is Varigotti, where you will find great beaches ideal to enjoy in summer. With this swatch watch of soft colors and with visible mechanism you will refresh the beaches of any part of the world.

In addition to the six watches that we advance in this article, in the collection Swatch A Traveler's Dream you will find 38 new models ready to travel with you to any part of the world, whatever your destiny and method of transport, you will enjoy every second of the travel like you have never done before.

Prepare your Swatch A Traveler's Dream watch and have a nice trip!

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