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New Graphic Designers collection, designer watches

The new collection of Swatch watches Graphic Designers is formed by six new watches, five New Gents Swatch watches and Swatch Gent, designed by two great graphic designers, Lorenzo Petrantoni and Fafi.

Lorenzo Petrantoni

Lorenzo Petrantoni, born in Genoa in 1970, studied graphic design at the University of Milan, before embarking on a remarkable career as artistic director in France. After returning to his native Italy, where he still resides today, also reflected his talent in the field of artwork.

Their delicate and complex creations are inspired by the nineteenth century, especially in old dictionaries of the time, the images that rescues from oblivion to adapt and reinvent them before a select audience of the XXI century.

Petrantoni´s work, as one would expect, has exhibited all over the world and has resulted in a wide range of popular advertising campaigns in several countries, as well as in magazines and newspapers of renown.

Petrantoni Lorenzo explains his inspiration for the design:

«The antiquity and modernity meet. Past and present together in a single project. This collection of five watches is perfect proof of this merger. They are designed with decorations, characters, letters and symbols dating from the nineteenth century. It's been a fascinating project, amazing and very original. The idea was that the characters and objects from our past come alive again, as often they are immersed in the oblivion of the libraries, and give them a modern twist and using them for a signature aesthetic youthful and cutting edge. Nothing better than a Swatch to welcome our was.»


The artist, with the enigmatic name FAFI, is originally from Paris (France). It was the mid-nineties when he began to give life to the walls of their local graffiti art, being admired for its strong graphic sensibility, proposing bold and humorous depictions of female stereotypes distorted. Encouraged by his initial success, Fafi traveled the world to make their mark in Japan, Europe, USA. States. and Hong Kong, earning enthusiastic new fans everywhere.

They followed high-level collaborations, for example, mega brands of electronics, avant-garde boutiques, sports brands and lines of makeup, Fafi images also appear in glossy magazines, music videos and pop-selling books. The creative work of Fafi acquired a renewed depth after the artist mother was in 2007, but his mischievous spirit is revealed visually as potent as ever in his most recent works.

Fafi remembers his first encounter with Swatch:

«Like many children, my first watch was a Swatch. still I remember the satisfaction produced modern take and I felt.»

Last Update: Friday 21 January, 2022

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