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Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210) Mika Special SUOZ210

Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210)

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Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210)Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210)Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210)Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210)Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210)Watch Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu case sizes

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Swatch and Mika create a parallel universe to MUMU

Swatch and Mika go a step further in their relationship and present a new Swatch Art Special, a piece that traces the history that began with the first clock singer three years ago. The cheerful and colorful tribal mask decorated the first design has evolved into a character with life. MUMU, as it is called, lives with other creatures (birds, frogs crown, butterflies ...) in a fantasy world filled with mysterious symbols.
Inspired by native art from places like Mexico, Spain, Portugal and the Middle East, Mika has created history and design in collaboration with his sister Yasmine.

The Swatch MUMU-CUCURRUCUCU (SUOZ210), watch is a splendid New Gent, has a recorded in a luxurious golden color and bright geometric on both sides of the belt silicone sphere figures. The case, as special as the artist´s work, this new watch wrapped in a mysterious universe full of colorful drawings and otherworldly.

«Working with Swatch is fun very seriously," says Mika. "Mainly, we are dedicated to telling stories, and this new watch is loaded with elements with an impressive history behind them. The intention is to cause curiosity, so stop being just a watch and pass to become a strange mystical object.».

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*Price includes 21% Tax, valid for the European Union only

Swatch Mumu-cucurrucucu (SUOZ210) watch from the Swatch New Gent watches family in color multicolor designed for men and women

Last Update: Sunday 20 June, 2021

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