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Compatibility table of Swatch watches straps

Discover all the compatibilities of Swatch watches straps

On this page you can see the table with all the compatibilities of the differents Swatch watches straps. Remember that if you have any questions or you do not know the family of your Swatch watch or do not know what is the valid strap for your watch, you can send us an email or call us, you can find our information in the contact section. Below you will find the legend and a brief explanation of how to read the table.

  Family Ref. Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with Fits with
Original Gent AG                      
Lady AL                      
Automatic ASA                      
Aqua Chrono ASB                      
Chrono ASC                      
Scuba ASD                      
Aqua Chrono Midi ASE                      
Scuba Access ASH                      
Gent Access ASK                      
Musical ASL                      
Chrono Alarm ASO                      
Beat ASQ                      
Solar ASR                      
Stop ASS                      
Autoquartz AST                      
Xlarge ASUD                      
Fun Scuba ASUG                      
Paparazzi ASUH                      
Chrono Plastic ASUI                      
Jelly in Jelly ASUJ                      
Chrono Plastic Access/Snowpass ASUK                      
Fun Boarder ASUL                      
Jelly in Jelly Access/Snowpass ASUM                      
New Gent ASUO                      
Puzzle Motion ASUP                      
New Chrono Plastic ASUS                      
Sistem51 ASUT                      
ScubaLibre ASUU                      
Beat Access ASX                      
Touch Touch Alarm ASTA                      
Touch BI Timer ASTB                      
Touch Game ASTG                      
Swatch Touch Touch ASUR                      
POP Pop Access APK                      
Pop Midi APM                      
Pop Pocket APP                      
Pop Up APU                      
Pop APW                      
Square Square 5 cm ASUA                      
Square 3 cm ASUB                      
Square Chrono ASUE                      
Turnover ASUF                      
Skin Skin ASF                      
Skin Big ASVU                      
Skin Regular ASVO                      
Skin Beat ASI                      
Skin Chrono ASUY                      
Diaphane Diaphane one ASVA                      
Diaphane Navigator ASVB                      
Diaphane Chrono ASVC                      
Diaphane Automatic ASVD                      
Irony Irony Chrono Automatic ASVG                      
Irony Sistem 51 AYI                      
Irony Automatic AYA                      
Irony Scuba Chrono AYB                      
Irony Chrono AYC                      
Irony Scuba 200 from 1998 AYD                      
Irony Scuba until 1997 AYD                      
Irony Beat Alu-Mini AYF                      
Irony Big XLite AYE                      
Irony Big AYG                      
Irony Big Classic AYW                      
Irony Beat Alu-Medium AYK                      
Irony Synchro Beat AYK 8000                      
Irony Medium AYL                      
Irony Chrono Medium AYM                      
Irony Nabab AYN                      
Irony The Chrono AYO                      
Irony Petite Seconde AYP                      
Irony Beat Alu-Big AYQ                      
Irony Chrono Retrograde AYR                      
Irony Lady Lady AYS                      
Irony New Big AYT                      
Irony Lady Square AYU                      
Irony New Chrono AYV                      
Irony Chrono XLite AYY                      

 Does not fit with any other watch
 Fits with families of Swatch watches marked in this column
 Green cases, but no reverse
 Exception: Irony Diaphane fits with

How the compatibility table work?

Search for the family of your Swatch watch at the first an second column of the table, if you don't know the family but you know the reference that it has, you can search at the "Ref." column for the first letters of the reference of the swatch strap (is the same adding an "A" letter at first), then follow the column up or down to see the boxes grayed out, these are valid straps for your Swatch watch. In the legend you will find that there are some exceptions.

Discovers the valid straps for your Swatch watch

Last Update: Friday 20 May, 2022

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