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¿What strap buy for you Swatch watch?


Thursday, June 02, 2016 - Read 539 times

Swatch Strap

We help you to find the right strap so you can boast of a Swatch watch as new

If you are thinking of buying a new strap for your watch Swatch in this short manual we will help you find the ideal strap, which best agreed with the material and the colors and design of your watch. Are you prepared to extend the life of your watch Swatch?

Before choosing your watch strap

The first thing to know before choosing a strap for your watch Swatch is that not all straps Swatch are compatible or valid for all Swatch watches, this is because the width of the strap and hitches it vary depending on family Swatch watches belonging to that strap. So how do you know what the proper strap?. It's simple, through reference your watch Swatch can know what your watch strap and straps which valid are the same.

What is my watch strap Swatch?

Suppose the reference of your watch is Swatch GS124 (Swatch Color The Sky), the reference to the original strap of this watch is, the same reference, adding an "A" at the beginning, ie, AGS124. This is true for all straps of all models of Swatch watches. In addition, our online store you can usually find at the end of the description of the watch, a link to your original strap for you easier to find.

What if not available the original strap or want to try a new strap?

If you are thinking of changing the strap to your watch by a strap of another model, Swatch, either because you do not like the design of the original or strap material he had, you should know that, in addition, all straps Swatch are valid for Swatch watches within the same family watches. That is, the Swatch watch strap Black Species (AYCB4024) is valid and compatible, for example, for the watch Swatch Black as YCB4026AG, because both watches belong to the same family of watches: Swatch Irony Chrono.

In addition, some families straps Swatch watches are also valid and compatible with models of other families of Swatch watches. For example, straps Swatch Irony Chrono family are compatible with Swatch watches Originals New Gent family. To know these peculiarities is necessary to look at the Compatibility table of Swatch watches straps you can find in the help section of our online store. You can also find, after the description of any link to watch their compatible straps.

What strap choose?

Once you know what the Swatch straps valid for your watch a new range of possibilities opens up. You can choose leather straps, metal, silicone ... any strap that is valid for your watch will be successful. Only keep in mind that if your watch case is steel and want to use a metal strap, the strap you choose should be equally steel, so there is no difference between the two materials is appreciated. And for the same reason, if your watch case is aluminum strap you choose should be aluminum. This is simply an aesthetic detail and design to take into account when choosing a metal strap recommendation.

Following this brief manual you should be able to choose a suitable for your Swatch watch strap, however, if you still have doubts whether strap Swatch will or will not be valid for your watch, you can send us your query and we'll tell info@switzerwatch.com straps are valid for your watch.

Finally, we remind you that you can find a manual for changing your watch Swatch strap by following the link: How to change the strap to your Swatch watch.

Enjoy your Swatch watch with its new strap!

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