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Flik Flak Watch - Disney Princesses The Beauty And The Beast FLS025

Flik Flak Disney Princesses The Beauty And The Beast (FLS025)

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Now you can buy the watch Disney Princesses The Beauty And The Beast (FLS025) in the Flik Flak children's watches section of our online store

Flik Flak pays a royal tribute this summer with six Disney Princess watches, each helping little girls to master their time-telling skills. From blonde Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, to red-headed Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the Disney Princesses come to life on the colourful watches, with their swirling gowns, flowing hair and trails of twinkling stars. These Swiss-made timepieces, have a scratch-resistant mineral-glass face, robust aluminium case and are shock- and water-resistance. Their textile straps also enable machine washing, just in case the wannabe princess owner finds herself without a lady-in-waiting.

Time is of the essence
The Disney Princess watches by Flik Flak take the wearer to a magical world. The straps carry symbols from the stories, in which time often plays a crucial role. A glass slipper on the strap of the Cinderella watch alludes to the midnight hour when her gown becomes rags once again and the fateful shoe is left behind. There is a red rose next to Belle from Beauty and the Beast – a hint of the fact that she declares her love for the beast just in time, before the flower wilts, allowing him to turn back into a prince.

At the centre of the plot of The Little Mermaid is the legend that a mermaid is allowed to swim to the surface and watch the world above as soon as she turns 15. A frog appears below Tiana in The Princess and the Frog, in which the race against the clock is to transform the frog back into a prince. Fortunately time is on Snow White´s side as onlookers wait to see if she will emerge from her glass coffin.

Happy endings all round
The inspiration may be from fairytales, but the Disney Princess watches continue the practical Flik Flak tradition of coordinating the colour of the hour and minute hands with that of the hour and minute numbers on the dial. This ensures a happy ending from an educational perspective. The watches have a subtly decorated scuba-style bezel, in lilac or pink tones – apart from the Snow White model, which is red to match the poisoned apple and her lips. The straps have a pink or blue background to tone with the soft shades of the Disney Princesses. Time will pass by in an enchanting swirl of colour with these new watches, which are guaranteed to offer a happy ending for lucky wearers around the world.

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Last Update: Thursday 09 December, 2021

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